Regular Inspection and Maintenance of a Roof Will Extend Its Life

Regularly inspecting your roof and carrying out any maintenance that it needs will result in greatly increasing the life of the roof. Roofing experts suggest that such inspections be carried out at least twice a year, and definitely after your roof has gone through a major storm.

The ideal time to inspect commercial roofs is before and after severe weather seasons. Extreme weather can cause damage to roofs and inspecting them keeps you prepared to deal with any damages that may occur. It can be of great help if this inspection is carried out systematically so that every part of the roof, and especially those that are vulnerable are looked at, assessed for damage and any required repairs or maintenance carried out.

Start your inspections from the inside of your home or building and look for signs of water damage, drips and leaks, water stains, peeling paint, and mold or mildew. Leaks can travel laterally, and the damage that needs repairs may not be directly over the spot where you find the leak. Trace the spot of the leak and repair the shingle or tile that has led to the leak. Mold or mildew must be cleaned as best as you can using the right products.

During your inspection of the roof, look for any signs of weathering or damage and any standing water if you have a flat roof. Tears or holes, deep scratches, and abrasions in membranes must be attended to immediately. Clean the roof thoroughly before you inspect its components, as dirt and debris can hide vulnerable spots from you. Clean out the gutters completely and test the gutter for its effectiveness in draining water. Correct any sagging or dips that collect water.

Flashings and expansion joints must be given extra attention as any problem with them can lead to leaks. Moss and mold are a sign of clogged drains and need to be cleaned after the obstructions are removed. There are many other components of a roof like skylights, chimneys, pipes and other equipment that also needs to be checked during inspections, and if any damage or wearing out is noticed, it must be repaired. Check supports of pipes and gutters and correct them if they are loose or causing any sagging.

If you have trees on your property, especially ones that are quite tall and grown up, your roof will probably always have leaves, twigs and even branches that get on the roof, especially if the tree overhangs the roof. Clean these regularly from the roof especially in the season when trees are shedding leaves. Leaving them unattended can lead to gutters getting choked and overflowing, resulting in damage to your walls under the eaves.

Your roof requires constant attention and maintenance if it has to perform well and last its full life span. If you cannot give this attention to it yourself, appoint a roofing agency to conduct the required inspections. These professionals will probably do a better job and enable you to have a roof that is free of defects and giving you all the protection that you need.

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